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Atlassian Tools

We at Paladin Logic rely on Atlassian’s suite of tools to support our software development processes. We’re so impressed with these tools, in fact, that we’ve partnered with Atlassian to resell them.

Why Atlassian Tools?

What makes Atlassian tools so great? In a word, integration.  Each tool complements the others as a unified suite.  The advantage for developers is immense.


Plan, track, work


Create and collaborate


Git repository management


Improve code with peer review

Continuous integration

Continuous integration


Git/Mercurial client

For instance, we track and review all our issues with JIRA, where it is easy to target tickets to specific software releases and developers.  Each developer takes a ticket and from within JIRA creates a feature branch in our Git repository which is managed by Stash.  The Jira ticket maintains a link with Stash showing  the current branches and pull requests associated with the ticket.  The developer checks out the feature branch from Stash and manages change sets and revisions with Source Tree.

After addressing the issue, the developer pushes the change sets using Source Tree, creates a pull request from JIRA/Stash, assigns a QA expert to approve the request, and resolves the ticket.  At each tool, it is easy to see what activity is taking place.  QA then uses Stash and JIRA to approve or reject the pull request and provide feedback to the developers.  When it’s time for a code review, Crucible is there to see that all developers share any new knowledge gained from working on the ticket and that appropriate coding standards were followed.

Interested in continuous integration, release management, and deployment?  Take a look at Bamboo.  Need a company wiki where your employees can brainstorm, collaborate, and even reference your ticketing system?  Look no farther than Confluence.  Whatever the size of your team, large or small, Atlassian has the tools your developers need.

Why Paladin?

At Paladin Logic, we use the same tools you need and can provide you with a fast and accurate assistance.  Paladin Logic is dedicated to your success.  Click the button below for more information about our Atlassian Expert consulting services.

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