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Big Things are in Store for iTuple

By on Sep 5, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Mobile Inventory Management: Big Things are in Store for iTuple

Big things are in store for iTuple in the near future, and the folks who have tried out the pre-release are very excited.  We’ve added some extraordinarily cool features that let businesses work faster and smarter.  In particular, iTuple 2.2 brings convenience, speed, and accuracy to a number of important inventory processes by leveraging an iPhone and a Honeywell Captuvo barcode scanner.

For instance, a nearby country club is using iTuple 2.2 not only to count inventory but to move inventory from storage to the beverage cart and back again–all with a few scans and a tap here and there.  The club is running iTuple along side the Iconic Mobile Retail System as a test run of mobile services to its membership, focussed presently on the beverage cart, which travels around the golf course supplying members with refreshments.

Mobile Inventory

Mobile Inventory

Another early adopter has streamlined its xTuple shipping process using iTuple 2.2 on iPads with the Infinea Tab at specialized packing stations.   The new iTuple is able to access sales order line items and shipments from the xTuple database in real time, with one-scan convenience, greatly reducing or even eliminating packing errors.

We’ll be updating the blog as the release date gets closer and more features are revealed.  Did I mention there’s something new coming for manufacturers?  Stay tuned and learn more about the new iTuple, Paladin Logic’s mobile inventory management app for xTuple and Iconic.


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