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iTuple 2.2 Released

By on Dec 5, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

iTuple 2.2

Over the last few months, we’ve mentioned that big things are in store for iTuple. We’ve also given a sneak peak at some cool mobile manufacturing technology available in the next iTuple release. Now the wait is over. iTuple 2.2 is here.

With support for new inventory, shipping, simple receiving, and work order processing capabilities (with Enhanced Manufacturing), iTuple has never done so much! Add to that the convenience that comes with a mobile form factor and Captuvo or Line Pro bar code scanner, and you’ll find the inventory tasks you perform most have never been easier to put into the xTuple system.

One complaint about previous versions of iTuple was that they did not support secure connections to the database. With iTuple 2.2, that is no longer the case, as SSL connections are now fully supported. As always, iTuple connects directly to the PostgreSQL database that runs your xTuple system, so it is directly integrated with xTuple yet doesn’t require running the full client.

iTuple 2.2 Wooper

iTuple 2.2 physically brings the xTuple system to the actual work your team performs. That alone improves accuracy and efficiency, but it also helps form a culture in your organization dedicated to following your processes and using xTuple as it was designed. The effect is that both the shop floor and management are confident that the system reflects the true state of the work effort.

iTuple 2.2: The synthesis of process and system.

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