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iTuple Shipping adds the ability to issue stock to shipping and receive basic purchase order line items.  Additionally allows you to keep multiple shipments open for the same order and add a new shipment on the fly.

Price: FREE

Volume Order Processing teams with iTuple’s shipping capabilities to provide a batched workflow of orders to process.  VOP extends xTuple to group orders together for packing, shipping, billing, and invoicing.  New screens group orders to the same customer/ship-to for batch processing.

Price: Coming Soon

Enhanced Manufacturing brings mobile convenience to many common inventory tasks including:

  • Inventory relocation
  • Inter-site transfers
  • Inventory scrap

Additionally, iTuple EM puts manufacturing capabilities right in the palm of your hand, such as:

  • Issuing materials
  • Returning/scrapping materials
  • Posting operations
  • Posting production
  • Viewing the traveler and item images/PDF documents
  • Work order time clock

In addition to these mobile features, EM adds support for machines, count tag assignments, and more within xTuple.

Price: Coming Soon

Fixed Asset Mobility adds mobile capability to xTuple’s fixed asset tracking. Features include:

  • Assign labels to assets and locations for fast identification
  • Move assets from one location to another
  • Check out assets to employees or departments
  • Check in assets that were previously checked out
  • Audit where your assets really are

In addition to these mobile features, the package also provides new views into your asset history and audits from within xTuple.

Price: $495


Bar code scanners ramp up productivity and reduce errors

Paladin Logic is pleased to support these Linea Pro and Honeywell bar code scanners.


Infinite Peripherals


Linea Pro 5 Linea Pro 5
Infinea Tab 4 Infinea Tab 4



Captuvo SL42 Captuvo SL42
Captuvo SL62 Captuvo SL62


Need help printing labels?

Paladin offers two xTuple packages to assist you with labeling.  iTuple Item Site Labels print bar codes containing references to item sites in your xTuple system.

Label Smith redefines how you  work with labels in xTuple, drastically reducing the number of OpenRPT reports you must define.  Able to print labels using data from any display screen (with the proper setup), this tool also installs as a database package on your xTuple system.

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