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Madrigal 4.8: Mobile xTuple Client

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Paladin Logic is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Madrigal 4.8, the latest version of our complete mobile client for xTuple.  Expect 4.8 on or before 02-01-2015.  Let’s take a preview at what’s coming. Mobile xTuple Client Madrigal is still the only mobile app that includes the entire xTuple client.  All of the screens available on the desktop are available on the iPad with the familiar desktop look and feel.  We’ve gone a step beyond and have built Madrigal against Qt 5.4. In addition to all the new features of xTuple 4.8, this version brings support for custom screens, such as those in the Paladin Rule Based Configurator.  Mobile quotes and sales orders (even with make-to-order options) are now available with Madrigal 4.8, as is the display of the xTuple desktop.  Advanced xTuple packages, such as distribution or manufacturing, as well as your custom screens and scripts, are now fully accessible from Madrigal. We still recommend the use of a stylus, as the user interface scales to fit the iPad form factor. Team with iTuple Another great thing about Madrigal is how it and iTuple complement one another.  Many inventory tasks are more easily handled with a bar code scanner, which is where iTuple, with its intuitive scan-ready workflows really shines.  Madrigal, on the other hand, while not as specialized, makes the xTuple desktop more accessible without compromising any of the powerful features you need to run your business. Ready for Make-to-Order Perhaps the most powerful and valuable feature of Madrigal is its ability to capture mobile sales orders.  As long as you have connectivity to the database, you can prepare quotes and orders from an iPad in real time.  Furthermore, with the PRBC and Madrigal’s support for its screens, you could have a fully mobile workstation, taking make-to-order quotes and sales without the need for a laptop computer.  If your iPad has 4G capabilities, you can even take orders where there is no WiFi. See Madrigal on the App...

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iTuple 2.2 Released

By on Dec 5, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Over the last few months, we’ve mentioned that big things are in store for iTuple. We’ve also given a sneak peak at some cool mobile manufacturing technology available in the next iTuple release. Now the wait is over. iTuple 2.2 is here. With support for new inventory, shipping, simple receiving, and work order processing capabilities (with Enhanced Manufacturing), iTuple has never done so much! Add to that the convenience that comes with a mobile form factor and Captuvo or Line Pro bar code scanner, and you’ll find the inventory tasks you perform most have never been easier to put into the xTuple system. One complaint about previous versions of iTuple was that they did not support secure connections to the database. With iTuple 2.2, that is no longer the case, as SSL connections are now fully supported. As always, iTuple connects directly to the PostgreSQL database that runs your xTuple system, so it is directly integrated with xTuple yet doesn’t require running the full client. iTuple 2.2 physically brings the xTuple system to the actual work your team performs. That alone improves accuracy and efficiency, but it also helps form a culture in your organization dedicated to following your processes and using xTuple as it was designed. The effect is that both the shop floor and management are confident that the system reflects the true state of the work effort. iTuple 2.2: The synthesis of process and system. Get iTuple 2.2 Now More iTuple 2.2 Info View Add-on...

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Shop Floor Productivity with iTuple

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Following up on a previous post, I’d like to preview with you some of the great, new features coming in iTuple for the shop floor, features that will greatly benefit shop floor productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. What is Enhanced Manufacturing? Nearly two years ago, we sat down with a customer and drafted the original design documents for something we’ve come to know as “Enhanced Manufacturing” or EM for short.  The concept for EM had come out of years of xTuple use and the customer’s drive for continuous improvement, not to mention the occasional “How did that happen?” moments that every manufacturer deals with.  EM began as a plan to improve quality and eliminate mistakes made on the shop floor.  Today, it is a product and a process for xTuple manufacturers that realizes that plan. We (together with the customer) observed that the xTuple system was too far removed from the people who worked on the shop floor.  The system had all of the information the shop floor needed, only it was half-way across the room on a laptop or desktop computer.  This condition implied that the system which guided and recorded the shop floor activities was detached from the actual manufacturing process.  Our goal was to close that gap. A second challenge for the customer was human error.  Too often, incorrect or mislabeled materials were issued during production runs, resulting in the wrong final product.  Sometimes that product made it all the way to the customer before the mistake was discovered, and this condition impacted the bottom line.  A quality control step was imperative.  Again, all the information was there in xTuple, but it was too far away from the materials and actual work. Already, we had something of a proof of concept with our iTuple offering.  We had put fixed asset tracking and inventory counts into a handheld form with a direct connection to the xTuple database.  With the attachment of a bar code scanner, inventory counts were faster and more accurate and fixed assets could be moved about with ease.  What would it require to adapt this technology to manufacturing? The answer to that question and the rest of story of how EM came to be is probably...

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Big Things are in Store for iTuple

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Mobile Inventory Management: Big Things are in Store for iTuple Big things are in store for iTuple in the near future, and the folks who have tried out the pre-release are very excited.  We’ve added some extraordinarily cool features that let businesses work faster and smarter.  In particular, iTuple 2.2 brings convenience, speed, and accuracy to a number of important inventory processes by leveraging an iPhone and a Honeywell Captuvo barcode scanner. For instance, a nearby country club is using iTuple 2.2 not only to count inventory but to move inventory from storage to the beverage cart and back again–all with a few scans and a tap here and there.  The club is running iTuple along side the Iconic Mobile Retail System as a test run of mobile services to its membership, focussed presently on the beverage cart, which travels around the golf course supplying members with refreshments. Another early adopter has streamlined its xTuple shipping process using iTuple 2.2 on iPads with the Infinea Tab at specialized packing stations.   The new iTuple is able to access sales order line items and shipments from the xTuple database in real time, with one-scan convenience, greatly reducing or even eliminating packing errors. We’ll be updating the blog as the release date gets closer and more features are revealed.  Did I mention there’s something new coming for manufacturers?  Stay tuned and learn more about the new iTuple, Paladin Logic’s mobile inventory management app for xTuple and...

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How to Manage Inventory in 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Manage Inventory with a System The first step in managing your inventory is recognizing that it needs managing and that it isn’t being managed now (at least not as it should be).  I won’t say this is half the battle…more like 25%.  One might be surprised at how long a business will struggle along in inventory denial before taking responsibility and admitting there is a problem.  Often awareness that inventory is not being managed well comes in the form of a (hopefully) minor disaster surprise in some operation on your inventory.  Examples might include: Not being able to deliver items on schedule because they had to be ordered unexpectedly (I could have sworn we had five of those on the shelf!) Delivering the wrong items by mistake (Oh…you wanted the 5C1-Zero-3 not the 5C1O3!) Simply being overwhelmed by quantity. (I know it’s around here…somewhere!) The second step is to characterize your specific inventory issues, deficiencies, and needs.  Not all inventory problems are the same–though they are related.  Make a list of the symptoms you are experiencing.  Don’t be afraid to ask other stakeholders what issues they encounter that make their lives difficult. Review your list with other stakeholders. An example list might include: Receiving leaves entire palettes of goods on the warehouse floor and we don’t know to which projects the goods are allocated. Expensive materials come in, but no one checks them for quality assurance until months later…only to discover that the materials are defective. Supply doesn’t keep up with demand because purchasing is ordering the wrong quantities or the wrong products If you already have an inventory system, find out if it is actually being used the way it is intended.  Are the users keeping system data up to date?  If now, why not?  If you don’t yet have a system, you probably should invest in one.  We have our own recommendations, of course.  Why use an inventory system?  Well, the short answer is we are human beings with finite brains.  Eventually, we can no longer keep up with complex management problems.   Oh yes…a brief note about spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are wonderful tools, but they’re not designed to manage inventory. You really, really need a...

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