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PostBooks/xTuple & Shopify – Lifecycler Technology Overview

By on Jun 9, 2017 in Harmonize Your Business, Lifecycler | 0 comments

OK, so to geek out on all y’all a little bit … here is some of the “inside baseball” technology that connects your Shopify® webstore to your PostBooks/xTuple instance.  At its core, Lifecycler is a cloud-based service that synchronizes certain events as they occur on Shopify® and PostBooks/xTuple. Other than some initial setup to point your webstore’s Lifecycler connector at your xTuple installation and prepare your product catalog, all of the events are processed in the normal flow of operations without adding any new steps. In our next technical blog we will describe in a bit more detail how we manage the interactions between the two systems. More details on how to work with Lifecycler are available in our online documentation. Identify products to offer in PostBooks/xTuple and then publish your product catalog right from within PostBooks/xTuple.  Lifecycler takes the images, descriptions, prices – all the interesting and relevant information – from your system and then loads it into your Shopify® store. When your online customer places an order, Lifecycler transmits the order to your PostBooks/xTuple instance as a sales order.  When you ship the order to your online customer, Lifecycler alerts Shopify® that the order is fulfilled, and Shopify® notifies the customer. Payments are streamlined as well.  Just post the invoice for the order in PostBooks/xTuple, and the payments made at Shopify® are applied to the invoice. What if something goes wrong? While not terribly likely if everything is configured properly, it is possible that an order comes in from Shopify® that can’t be processed automatically in xTuple.  In such a case, Lifecycler saves the order and its payments, providing a reason why the order could not be processed.  Resolve the problem and then  just select the saved order and try to process it again. Want more info?  Use the handy contact form below: Name(required) Email(required) Website Comment...

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Lifecycler PostBooks/xTuple Connector for Shopify

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Paladin Logic recently introduced Lifecycler – a direct connection to Shopify® webstores for PostBooks-based ERP systems (PostBooks, xTuple Distribution, Manufacturing, and Enterprise Editions). The announcement (email campaign mostly) met with a resounding “thud.” Perplexing.  We have been that told there are (tens of) thousands of PostBooks users around the world. Maybe one of them is you. Everyone knows that anyone who is serious about their business these days knows that they must have an online presence. So, of the thousands of PostBooks users, it seems that at least some of them would be interested in selling B2C (or B2B) online as part of their online presence. But. There appears to be a serious lack of interest. Why?  My suspicion is that we have not caught the attention of the PostBooks community rather than that there is just no interest.  The $10,000 question in inbound marketing is always: “how do I break through the incessant noise of the internet to get my message across to my prospective customers?” Here’s how.  We are going to write a series of blogs that not only address the business problems that you can (and will) resolve using Lifecycler, but also some of the “inside baseball” aspects of the technology that supports this integration.  This helps you understand what the value is in the package and subscription. If there is anything I have learned in the past 2 years of working the in-bound marketing for various of our systems – even if you build a better mousetrap, the world will not beat a path to your door.  So this blog will focus for the next several weeks on describing how Lifecycler will increase sales, decrease expenses, and lead to profit, growth, and wealth.  It will also focus on how it all came about.  What technical problems were resolved to bring you an end-to-end business management solution.  One that integrates the online customer experience directly into the enterprise. Save...

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Shopify eCommerce Integration with PostBooks and xTuple

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If you are running PostBooks or xTuple 4.8.1 or later and want a quick, easy and inexpensive eCommerce ERP integration for selling some (or all) of your products online then we have the solution for you! Paladin Logic introduces Lifecycler: Shopify® integrated with PostBooks-based ERP systems.  We have unified the power of the world’s leading open-source ERP solution – xTuple – with the the reach of the world’s most popular eCommerce platform! Check it out:   Lifecycler manages the lifecycle of B2C eCommerce between your Shopify webstore and your xTuple/PostBooks ERP system.  Orders flow in from your online store and then are managed, tracked, fulfilled and reported on just like any other order in the system.  No more moving spreadsheets of data from your eCommerce solution to your business management system. Lifecycler is offered in a combination of a perpetual site license for your xTuple/PostBooks system and a subscription for the Shopify app. The xTuple/PostBooks package is a perpetual site license for $2,500.  Includes: Package(s) to be installed on your xTuple/PostBooks system. Training (video with live “ask me anything” sessions) Email/web-based support The subscription is $250 per month charged to your credit card beginning the month of implementation. Be the first to recommend us to one of your friends (or competitors!) and when we implement their Lifecycler Shopify® integration you will be handsomely rewarded … contact us for specifics once you are up and running. If  you want the advantages of a Shopify® eCommerce webstore and are rev-locked somewhere back before PostBooks/xTuple 4.8.1 then just let us know – we can bring you up-to-date … or put you in touch with a nearby partner who can help you. Finally, if you want (or have) a bricks’n’mortar retail operation that could use an integrated, mobile Point of Sale … then let us know that and we can help with that, too! Name(required) Email(required) Website Comment...

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MemWars KickStarter

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What kind of technology company invents a new board game? The cool kind. Paladin Logic just (on March 8th) launched the KickStarter campaign for MemWars. MemWars is a new memory game for ages 11+.  MemWars is derived from an innovation – the Macunx structure – developed by Dr. Aaron Ralby of Linguisticator and an old game – “Mark Twain’s Memory Builder Game” – developed and patented by Mark Twain in 1885. KickStarter is a crowdfunding platform that funds creative projects (like a new board game).  Per KickStarter’s website: “… can be anything that you want to create and share with others. It could be a book, a film, a piece of hardware… pretty much anything you dream up can find a home on Kickstarter.” We will blog about this currently on-going experience through the website.  We have 30 days (i.e. until April 7, 2017 to complete the KickStarter. The gamification of the Macunx makes improving memory enjoyable.  And once the memory techniques and the Macunx structure itself are mastered, memorization becomes easier and quicker as does recall, recollection and remembering.  ...

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Paladin Rule-Based Configurator Rev. 1.1

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The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived!  The newest version of the Configurator – PRBC 1.1 – is now available!  Not to go all “features and benefits” on you, but the new stuff is: Added the ability to specify an option as the default option in the category for the purposes of ordering. Added the ability to specify the order in which options appear on the quote and sales order screens. Added support for MSRP. Added a new method for calculating option prices as a pricing schedule discount from the MSRP. Added new display features on the quote/sales order screen: Single or two-column layout Settings to show/hide the option Cost, MSRP, and Price of each option while ordering. Setting to display the option description in place of the option name while ordering. Setting to display options on the side of the quote/sales order screen rather than in a tab. Setting to modify the appearance of the option widget using CSS. Added a setting to determine whether option adjustments should create child work orders by default. Wow!  With interest in the PRBC at an all-time high, you might be wondering what we were going to do to celebrate this most auspicious event.  For a limited time … very limited time … the month of June, actually, we will be offering PRBC 1.1 at an introductory discount of 20%.  So, if we receive your PO by June 12th, you will only pay $10,000 for PRBC 1.1 plus the usual $1,250 for maintenance. Act now, while supplies last! Info,...

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