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Introducing Madrigal

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The Power of xTuple, Anywhere

As xTuple Gold and Elite Partners, we at Paladin Logic, Limited are always looking for ways to help xTuple users get the most out of their xTuple software.  And so, today we are thrilled to announce the release of Madrigal SO and Madrigal ERP – a mobile port connecting the complete xTuple/PostBooks 4.0 (and later) Desktop client to your Apple or Android tablet.

madrigal_erpMadrigal SO and ERP are identical applications, the only difference being the number of simultaneous connections permitted. While Madrigal SO (Small Office) is a perfect fit for a small office or single user who only requires one mobile device to connect to his database at any time, Madrigal ERP is ideal for the larger enterprise or retail store that needs multiple mobile devices connecting to the database simultaneously.  However, the two applications can be used together without conflict.  For example, if you start out on Madrigal SO, you can choose to upgrade to ERP at any time and continue to use your SO application without conflict.

Both Madrigal versions offer full Postbooks functionality on the mobile device: you can create quotes and populate them with line items, convert the quotes to sales orders, create purchase orders, issue materials, post production, ship, receive, and access and update CRM information.  Virtually every feature or function of the Desktop client is now at your fingertips on your Apple or Android tablet.  And best of all, anything that you do on the mobile client will synch automatically with your database, keeping your business information up-to-the-minute accurate across all your devices.

madrigal_SsWhile nearly all of the Postbooks functionality is available in Madrigal on both iOS and Android, there are some differences in how certain things work, owing to the tablet environment.  However, the required actions are intuitive.  For example, since there is no “right click” function on the iOS platform, tapping a finger or stylus on an item in a list brings up the right click menu.

At this time, certain higher-level functions for commercial editions are not available on the iOS platform.  In particular, customizations that rely on embedded screens (UIForms) stored in the database will not load. A list of screens that will not load at this time can be found under System > Design > Screens on your Desktop client.

On the Android platform, custom screens all load and work as expected.

Madrigal is functional on both the 10-inch iPad and 7-inch iPad Mini, and displays well on both.  Owing to differences in processing power, speed, and available memory, the iPad Mini is slightly slower loading complex screens than the iPad, which compares favorably with the regular desktop client in terms of speed.

Madrigal also displays well on 10-inch Android tablets. Although the app runs on the 7-inch Android tablets, the view is slightly distorted and may be harder to use.

The following table compares the current functionality between the iOS and Android devices:

Mini (7-inch)Regular (10-inch)7-inch10-inch
PostBooks and xTuple StandardYesYesNot
Custom ScreensNoNoNot
PrintingNot yetNot yetIndirectIndirect

You can purchase Madrigal SO directly through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, while Madrigal ERP is offered through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and Google Play Private Channel.

Paladin Logic plans to keep Madrigal in stride with xTuple releases. As new versions of the Desktop client are released, Paladin Logic will prepare an update to Madrigal. Ideally, we will be only slightly behind xTuple’s release schedule.

Our team is thrilled to bring you this new application, and we hope it will improve the agility and efficiency of your business.  Stay tuned for future updates and releases!

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