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Q.  Why should you choose Paladin Logic for your business?

Paladin Logic provides the complete solution. We aren’t just implementers; we customize ERP solutions (sometimes extensively) to meet the unique demands of your business.  And when we say we customize the system, we even integrate cutting-edge mobile technology to create efficient, easy-to-use solutions for business.  Our IconicOPS is the perfect mobile companion to any enterprise, integrating a bar code scanner with inventory, shipping, even manufacturing.   Additionally, over the years, we have created many innovative packages for ERP systems with features including:

  • Mobile Fixed Asset Tracking – Locate, audit, check in, check out, and track your fixed assets with a device that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • ERP Calendar – Get a new perspective on your enterprise as you see monthly, weekly, and daily views of your business’s activities, from sales and purchasing to manufacturing and projects.
  • Intelligent Bill of Materials – This customization reduces the number of items you need to define by providing options that can be added to a line item at the time of ordering.  Paired with a rule-engine, this customization gives you more flexibility to customize your products for your customers.
  • Volume Order Processing – Manage high-volumes of sales orders from repeat customers through fulfillment and shipping.
  • Inventory Requests – Manage inventory demand from a multitude of employees, especially for use in engineer-to-order situations.
  • Keychain – Ever forget a business-related password?  Now you can manage logins, passwords, and license keys across the enterprise right from your ERP.
  • Tiered Quotes – Create multiple price breaks if your customers buy in volume.

You imagine the possibilities.  We deliver the results.

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