Harmonize Your Business


Your xTuple ERP system helps you effectively collect, process, and retrieve your business’s data through the desktop client. What if you and your staff had access to that same power on the go? On the warehouse floor, at a customer site, on a flight? Anywhere, everywhere, anytime you need it? iTuple does just that.


Your inventory clerks can scan, count, and send count slips directly to the back end. Shipping clerks can issue inventory to outbound shipments. Your Accounts, Contacts, and ToDo items are always at your fingertips with just a few taps. Sync iTuple with your existing PostgreSQL xTuple database and enjoy the convenience of having the data you need to run and manage your business right at your fingertips.

iTuple is a Universal application that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and is compatible with all editions of xTuple ERP versions 3.8.4 and later (some features work back to at least 3.3.0). It is specially engineered to connect the iOS app directly to xTuple’s Postgres back end.


  • Sync directly with your xTuple database
  • Scan bar codes
  • Enter and submit count slips
  • Issue inventory to shipping
  • Keep your accounts, contacts, and ToDo items with you wherever you go
  • Mark accounts and contacts as favorites for easy access
  • Call your favorite contacts, view addresses of customer sites on the map, and email business associates—all with one tap
  • Have lots of data? Search through accounts and contacts with iTuple’s powerful search capabilities

iTuple Issue to Shipping

With 2.2 you can do even more

Standard Features

  • SSL connections are now supported
  • Compatibility with Iconic Mobile Retail
  • Choose from the Linea Pro series or Honeywell Captuvo series bar code scanners

iTuple Shipping and Receiving

(FREE database package required)
  • Issue stock to shipping
  • Simplified receiving of purchase order line items
  • Location/Lot/Serial tracking supported
  • A batched workflow is also supported with the Volume Order Processing package.

Fixed Asset Mobility

(Premium database package required)
  • Assign labels to physical assets and locations
  • Place assets in locations (or move assets) with two scans
  • Check assets in and out
  • Conduct asset audits

Enhanced Manufacturing

(Premium database package required)
  • Relocate inventory, even between sites
  • Scrap inventory
  • Support your manufacturing workflow, including posting operations, issuing materials, and posting production
  • Location/Lot/Serial control supported in all inventory and manufacturing transactions

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