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Lifecycler PostBooks/xTuple Connector for Shopify

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Shopify xTuple IntegrationPaladin Logic recently introduced Lifecycler – a direct connection to Shopify® webstores for PostBooks-based ERP systems (PostBooks, xTuple Distribution, Manufacturing, and Enterprise Editions).

The announcement (email campaign mostly) met with a resounding “thud.”

Perplexing.  We have been that told there are (tens of) thousands of PostBooks users around the world. Maybe one of them is you. Everyone knows that anyone who is serious about their business these days knows that they must have an online presence. So, of the thousands of PostBooks users, it seems that at least some of them would be interested in selling B2C (or B2B) online as part of their online presence.


Inbound Marketing and Signal to Noise RatioThere appears to be a serious lack of interest. Why?  My suspicion is that we have not caught the attention of the PostBooks community rather than that there is just no interest.  The $10,000 question in inbound marketing is always: “how do I break through the incessant noise of the internet to get my message across to my prospective customers?”

Here’s how.  We are going to write a series of blogs that not only address the business problems that you can (and will) resolve using Lifecycler, but also some of the “inside baseball” aspects of the technology that supports this integration.  This helps you understand what the value is in the package and subscription.

If there is anything I have learned in the past 2 years of working the in-bound marketing for various of our systems – even if you build a better mousetrap, the world will not beat a path to your door.  So this blog will focus for the next several weeks on describing how Lifecycler will increase sales, decrease expenses, and lead to profit, growth, and wealth.  It will also focus on how it all came about.  What technical problems were resolved to bring you an end-to-end business management solution.  One that integrates the online customer experience directly into the enterprise.



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