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Madrigal 4.8: Mobile xTuple Client

By on Jan 26, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Paladin Logic is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Madrigal 4.8, the latest version of our complete mobile client for xTuple.  Expect 4.8 on or before 02-01-2015.  Let’s take a preview at what’s coming.

Mobile xTuple Client

Madrigal is still the only mobile app that includes the entire xTuple client.  All of the screens available on the desktop are available on the iPad with the familiar desktop look and feel.  We’ve gone a step beyond and have built Madrigal against Qt 5.4.

In addition to all the new features of xTuple 4.8, this version brings support for custom screens, such as those in the Paladin Rule Based Configurator.  Mobile quotes and sales orders (even with make-to-order options) are now available with Madrigal 4.8, as is the display of the xTuple desktop.  Advanced xTuple packages, such as distribution or manufacturing, as well as your custom screens and scripts, are now fully accessible from Madrigal.

We still recommend the use of a stylus, as the user interface scales to fit the iPad form factor.

Team with iTuple

Another great thing about Madrigal is how it and iTuple complement one another.  Many inventory tasks are more easily handled with a bar code scanner, which is where iTuple, with its intuitive scan-ready workflows really shines.  Madrigal, on the other hand, while not as specialized, makes the xTuple desktop more accessible without compromising any of the powerful features you need to run your business.

Ready for Make-to-Order

Perhaps the most powerful and valuable feature of Madrigal is its ability to capture mobile sales orders.  As long as you have connectivity to the database, you can prepare quotes and orders from an iPad in real time.  Furthermore, with the PRBC and Madrigal’s support for its screens, you could have a fully mobile workstation, taking make-to-order quotes and sales without the need for a laptop computer.  If your iPad has 4G capabilities, you can even take orders where there is no WiFi.

See Madrigal on the App Store

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