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MemWars KickStarter

By on Mar 9, 2017 in Blog, MemWars | 0 comments

What kind of technology company invents a new board game?

The cool kind.

the Macunx

The Macunx

Paladin Logic just (on March 8th) launched the KickStarter campaign for MemWars.

MemWars is a new memory game for ages 11+.  MemWars is derived from an innovation – the Macunx structure – developed by Dr. Aaron Ralby of Linguisticator and an old game – “Mark Twain’s Memory Builder Game” – developed and patented by Mark Twain in 1885.

KickStarter is a crowdfunding platform that funds creative projects (like a new board game).  Per KickStarter’s website: “… can be anything that you want to create and share with others. It could be a book, a film, a piece of hardware… pretty much anything you dream up can find a home on Kickstarter.”

Liking MemWars

We will blog about this currently on-going experience through the website.  We have 30 days (i.e. until April 7, 2017 to complete the KickStarter.

The gamification of the Macunx makes improving memory enjoyable.  And once the memory techniques and the Macunx structure itself are mastered, memorization becomes easier and quicker as does recall, recollection and remembering.



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