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Paladin Rule-Based Configurator Rev. 1.1

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The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived!  The newest version of the Configurator – PRBC 1.1 – is now available!  Not to go all “features and benefits” on you, but the new stuff is:

  • optionsScreenAdded the ability to specify an option as the default option in the category for the purposes of ordering.
  • Added the ability to specify the order in which options appear on the quote and sales order screens.
  • Added support for MSRP.
  • Added a new method for calculating option prices as a pricing schedule discount from the MSRP.
  • Added new display features on the quote/sales order screen:
    • Single or two-column layout
    • Settings to show/hide the option Cost, MSRP, and Price of each option while ordering.
    • Setting to display the option description in place of the option name while ordering.
    • Setting to display options on the side of the quote/sales order screen rather than in a tab.
    • Setting to modify the appearance of the option widget using CSS.
  • Added a setting to determine whether option adjustments should create child work orders by default.

Wow!  With interest in the PRBC at an all-time high, you might be wondering what we were going to do to celebrate this most auspicious event.  For a limited time … very limited time … the month of June, actually, we will be offering PRBC 1.1 at an introductory discount of 20%.  So, if we receive your PO by June 12th, you will only pay $10,000 for PRBC 1.1 plus the usual $1,250 for maintenance.

Act now, while supplies last!

Info, please!

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