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xTuple/PostBooks Shopify Integration

Imagine clicking a button and your Shopify™ webstore automatically populates with the products you offer online.  Orders flow into your business management system.  Your system automatically notifies customers of shipments.  Record all transactions in your books and track your customers’ preferences in your integrated CRM.

ShopifyPaladin Logic, Limited announces the release of the integration of the comprehensive business management (ERP) system – PostBooks – with the popular eCommerce platform – Shopify™.

Although there are many “point solutions” for inventory or accounting integrated with Shopify™, Paladin Logic has completed integration with PostBooks and all PostBooks-based systems which are completely integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

We provide complete end-to-end integration of Shopify™ with inventory, shipping, accounting and reporting.  If you are using PostBooks or xTuple and want an affordable eCommerce solution, look no further!

Affordable Shopify eCommerce for PostBooks and xTuple:

• PostBooks and xTuple users can now use the popular Shopify eCommerce platform to automatically deploy products to their webstore.
• Supported systems include all PostBooks/xTuple 4.9.5 or later systems: PostBooks & xTuple Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise Editions.
• Contact Paladin Logic (below) for software and implementation details.