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PostBooks/xTuple & Shopify – Lifecycler Technology Overview

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OK, so to geek out on all y’all a little bit … here is some of the “inside baseball” technology that connects your Shopify® webstore to your PostBooks/xTuple instance.  At its core, Lifecycler is a cloud-based service that synchronizes certain events as they occur on Shopify® and PostBooks/xTuple.

Other than some initial setup to point your webstore’s Lifecycler connector at your xTuple installation and prepare your product catalog, all of the events are processed in the normal flow of operations without adding any new steps. In our next technical blog we will describe in a bit more detail how we manage the interactions between the two systems.

More details on how to work with Lifecycler are available in our online documentation.

PostBooks/xTuple Lifecycler Sequence DiagramIdentify products to offer in PostBooks/xTuple and then publish your product catalog right from within PostBooks/xTuple.  Lifecycler takes the images, descriptions, prices – all the interesting and relevant information – from your system and then loads it into your Shopify® store.

When your online customer places an order, Lifecycler transmits the order to your PostBooks/xTuple instance as a sales order.  When you ship the order to your online customer, Lifecycler alerts Shopify® that the order is fulfilled, and Shopify® notifies the customer.

Payments are streamlined as well.  Just post the invoice for the order in PostBooks/xTuple, and the payments made at Shopify® are applied to the invoice.

What if something goes wrong?

While not terribly likely if everything is configured properly, it is possible that an order comes in from Shopify® that can’t be processed automatically in xTuple.  In such a case, Lifecycler saves the order and its payments, providing a reason why the order could not be processed.  Resolve the problem and then  just select the saved order and try to process it again.

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