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EvBase Technologies creates scheduling and grading software that is used in a multitude of industries from Airlines and General Aviation to industry-specific Inspections and Reporting.

We are proud to partner with EvBase to help ensure that our customers have access to the finest scheduling software available.

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Paladin Rule-based Configurator

Paladin Logic’s Rule-Based Configurator is an extensive and powerful add-on xTuple package designed to provide make-to-order capability.

Rather than define an item for each variation on a product, you can use the Paladin Rule-Based Configurator to organize variations as sets of options which can apply to many items.  Make-to-order quotes and orders are fully integrated with xTuple’s line item entry screens, making option selection simple.

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Iconic Mobile Point of Sale Solution

Paladin Logic, Ltd. has partnered with Pleiades Solutions, LLC, to develop and support the Iconic Mobile Retail System, the fully integrated mobile business solution developed for craft breweries and artisan retail applications.

Iconic turns your iPhone/iPod into a powerful mobile Point-of-Sale device, and uses the power of xTuple to harmonize all aspects of your business, from inventory control to CRM to invoicing and payroll.
Iconic for BreweriesIconic for Retail



… is a mobile inventory tracking and issuing system and read version of xTuple CRM: Accounts, Contacts, and ToDos.

Sync iTuple with your existing xTuple system and enjoy the convenience of having the data you need to run and manage your business right at your fingertips. 

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View and access key business activities with this integrated visual calendar for the xTuple application.

The ERP Calendar is an installable extension that enhances the xTuple client to give you a Day/Week/Month view of Orders, Payments, Incidents, To Dos and more.

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xTuple is a full-featured, completely integrated ERP/MRP solution based on an open source PostgreSQL database and the open source Qt framework for C++. This cost-effective package provides eight interconnected modules:

  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Purchasing
  • Product Definition
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Reporting

Find out which edition of xTuple is right for your business.

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Atlassian Tools

Atlassian Tools

Paladin Logic is proud to support Atlassian’s productivity suite of development tools. In fact, we use them ourselves! See what JIRA, Confluence, Stash, Bamboo, and other products can do for your team.

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