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What is my return on investment?

In today’s business climate, having a handle on day-to-day operations arguably rivals having sufficient operating capital in importance.  A growing company experiences the blessings of that growth; but with growth comes also the “joys” of a larger enterprise to manage, much like the “joys of home ownership”.  Growth is indispensable, yet it creates complexity.  Let’s face it:  our brains are finite, and we turn to systems to come to our aid when the complexity becomes overwhelming.

So how does one calculate the value of the system on which one’s business depends?  How does one valuate the simplification of complex problems?  To answer these questions, consider a few other questions:

  • Do you know where your inventory is–not just in general.  Can you put your hand on a specific item quickly when you need it?  How about the value of your inventory?
  • Do you know how many goods enter and leave your warehouses on a daily basis?
  • Is your CEO/CFO/COO or top business executive able to get the broad, operational summary he needs to make decisions; or is he instead reduced to micromanaging?
  • Are you double-purchasing or purchasing too late to meet important deadlines and milestones?
  • Do you know how much revenue you need to make a profit?

What value would you place on a system that allows you to answer these and other questions satisfactorily and  is tailored to your specific business processes and needs?

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