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What is Sales Acceleration Technology?

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It’s understandable that you would ask. After all, the terminology spawned in what has recently been an unexplored field. However, most of the technologies encompassed under this label aren’t quite as novel as you may think. It is a collection of technologies that have been developed to improve various aspects of the sales process.

Ken Krogue, a proponent of sales acceleration technology, argues that it builds upon the foundation laid by sales-related CRM and marketing automation, and leverages other technologies to bring in more sales faster:

It’s gathering real-time sales intelligence from LinkedIn, InsideView and ZoomInfo. It’s having something relevant to talk about when you call a new prospect besides just the weather. It’s connecting with social media, lowering costs, raising visibility, and generating leverage.”

Sales acceleration by its nature requires a complete overhaul of sales department operations. It incorporates technologies in various categories into an overarching strategy of increased sales, including remote sales presentation (e.g. Citrix’s GoToMeeting), sales email (e.g. Hubspot), social networking tools (e.g. LinkedIn), and gamification (such as Hoopla), among many other categories that Krogue specifies here.

Any effort to increase efficiency and profitability with these technologies is contingent on your company actually utilizing them for those goals, says Krogue. “[Some companies] made 22 dials a day before they used our power dialer, and they make 22 dials after. It’s crazy. That isn’t sales acceleration. 170 calls a day is sales acceleration.” Like any major change in sales procedure, it also requires that sales employees possess minds with the energy and openness to learn.

Based on the list I’ve linked above, how do you think you want to streamline your sales process? Are you using too much technology or not enough of it? In what area(s) could you improve? These questions will help to guide your decision toward taking on sales acceleration at full steam.

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