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xTuple 4.4: What’s New for xTuple ERP?

By on Apr 17, 2014 in Blog, High Technology | 0 comments

13 days ago, xTuple, who tend to release their products to coincide with Marvel-related events, shipped out version 4.4 on the new Captain America flick’s opening day. We at Paladin Logic, the xTuple Gold Partner of Texas, are proud to elucidate its features for you, our fair customers and technology connoisseurs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into xTuple 4.4!

The Long and the Short

We’ll begin this with “the short”:

  1. Many menus and screens on the desktop client have been renamed to bring it in line with xTuple’s mobile web client.
  2. Sales orders can now be opened from the line item tab of the Sale screen.
  3. More Time and Attendance features have been added to the Manufacturing Edition.
  4. Shipments between multiple sites can be processed in the Shipping subsystem.
  5. Finance charges can be assessed for overdue payments on invoices.
  6. An option that requires items to be reserved before shipping has been added.

Perhaps the most apparent (and most significant) update is #1, where the desktop and mobile web clients have been unified in an effort to make switching between the platforms seamless and continuous. As users have a wide variety of choices to access their business’s database — four desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, browsers), and three mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) — xTuple judged that users should not have to learn yet another interface while they are on the go. Hence, this unification will serve to stamp out any confusion that has arisen in the wake of the mobile web client’s introduction.

What’s more, critical improvements to existing workflows abound. The ability to create sales orders from the line item tab, time and attendance features, and the renaming of the menus and screens themselves — these features all simplify processes and increase operational efficiency in even more areas. In addition, the mobile web client will eventually support them, making your overall workflows smooth and fluid and enabling you to work wherever you have an Internet connection. Before you implement any major improvements, however, check against this reference guide to ensure that your modules will be compatible.

For those of you working straight out of Postbooks, we have a treat for you. With what we are about to release, you can do the above and more. You’ll have to wait a few days before we release the news on Twitter and LinkedIn, however. That’s how cool our surprise is.

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