Harmonize Your Business

Harmonize Your Business

We make small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors more profitable by harmonizing all their business information in one software suite.

About Us

Paladin Logic, Limited is a verified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that implements, customizes, and innovates a complete solution for your unique business needs.

Outgrow QuickBooks

You’ve heard that an integrated business solution like xTuple ERP can help you overcome the limitations of QuickBooks. But what exactly can xTuple do that QuickBooks can’t?

Take a look at this list. 

The complete solution: cross-platform, mobile, customized. Get Connected
  • iTuple
  • Paladin Rule-Based Configurator
  • EvBase Technologies
  • xTuple/PostBooks Shopify Integration
  • Services

Your xTuple ERP system helps you effectively collect, process, and retrieve your business’s data through the desktop client. What if you and your staff had access to that same power on the go? On the warehouse floor, at a customer site, on a flight? Anywhere, everywhere, anytime you need it? iTuple does just that.

PRBC_logo2Paladin Logic’s Rule-Based Configurator is an extensive and powerful add-on xTuple package designed to provide make-to-order capability. Rather than define an item for each variation on a product, you can use the Paladin Rule-Based Configurator to organize variations as sets of options which can apply to many items.  Make-to-order quotes and orders are fully integrated with xTuple’s line item entry screens, making option selection simple.

EvBase Technologies


Paladin Logic is proud to partner with EvBase Technologies to provide the finest in scheduling solutions.

EvBase vision is to be “the partner of choice for Event Based Training and Management Software Solutions, which generate efficiency and improved profitability, aimed at markets and industries worldwide.”

Please follow this link to get more information:  EvBase

LIfecycler B2C xTuple eCommerce IntegrationImagine clicking a button on your xTuple/PostBooks site master and your Shopify® webstore automatically populates with the products you offer online.

Orders flow into your business management system and your system automatically notifies customers of shipments.  All transactions are recorded directly and automatically in your books and track your customers’ preferences in your integrated CRM.

Shopify xTuple eCommerce IntegrationPaladin Logic, Limited announces the release of the integration of the world’s most popular open-source ERP system – xTuple – with the world’s most popular eCommerce platform – Shopify®.

Although there are many “point solutions” for inventory or accounting integrated with Shopify®, Paladin Logic has completed integration of the Shopify® eCommerce platform with all PostBooks-based systems: PostBooks, xTuple Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise Editions.


Lifecycler provides end-to-end lifecycle integration of Shopify® B2C eCommerce with inventory, shipping, accounting and reporting.  If you are using PostBooks or xTuple and want an affordable eCommerce solution, look no further!  If you are not (yet) using PostBooks or xTuple then here is yet another reason to do so!

Affordable B2C xTuple eCommerce: Shopify® Integration for PostBooks and xTuple

• PostBooks and xTuple users can now use the popular Shopify® eCommerce platform to automatically deploy products to their webstore.
• Supported systems include all PostBooks/xTuple 4.9.5 or later systems: PostBooks & xTuple Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise Editions.
• Contact Paladin Logic (below) for software and implementation details.

Memorial Day Special!

As shown in the video above, from now until midnight, June 25, 2017 we are reducing the price of the xTuple/PostBooks package and the Shopify app subscription by 25%.

Bricks’n’Mortar Store

But wait!  Do you have a physical retail storefront as well as an online store?  Wouldn’t it be great to have everything – Shopify® webstore, point of sale and your back of house ERP all integrated into 1 awesome system?  Contact us for information about Iconic!

Contact us now for more information!


Invest in Your Future

Custom Software Development

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We apply state of the art software engineering tools and practices to build the right software … right.  Paladin Logic brings decades of experience to bear to solve your most challenging problems with out expertise in developing applications using the open source PostgreSQL relational database system and cross-platform UIs built using Qt – deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Besides expert development of software solutions, Paladin provides consulting and training in software engineering processes and software security.

A turnkey on-shore software development team – ready when you are.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

Building your own solutions?  Or having them built for you?  Increase your peace of mind with Paladin Logic’s IV&V offering.  Continuous build and fully automated testing brings your development efforts into the 21st century.  We specify and execute systems, integration, and UAT regimes that run automatically and continuously to ensure as much as possible that your solution will be correct and complete.

ERP Implementation and Customization


Paladin Logic is an xTuple Solution Provider and is proud to resell, implement, and customize solutions based on xTuple’s outstanding ERP/MRP product line. The beauty of xTuple is its flexibility. If you want a customized solution for your business, Paladin Logic can design and implement it.

We offer implementations of four editions of xTuple ERP, each built to simplify your processes, integrate your information, and sustain your growth – all with customizable options at affordable rates.

Our team has extensive experience designing and building custom xTuple packages and solutions for specific business needs. This flexibility is what xTuple users love, and Paladin Logic has the knowledge and experience to customize a solution for your business. You imagine the possibilities, we deliver the results.

Our team at Paladin Logic has the knowledge and experience to design the perfect solution for your business needs. We create custom xTuple extension packages–but we also make sure you and your employees understand how to maximize xTuple’s extensive capabilities.

When you work with Paladin Logic to implement your new ERP solution, you can expect the very best in personalized service and responsiveness. Our implementation process includes the following stages:

  • Visit your site to gain an understanding of your needs
  • Offer a customized solution recommendation
  • Design an implementation plan that fits your timetable
  • Develop a project plan and implement your solution
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting and optimization of your new ERP solution

To learn more about the different editions of xTuple, click here.

iOS Development

If you need custom, enterprise-grade iPhone/iPad applications for your business, we can help. From serious business tools like iTuple to game apps, we can design what you need to take your business mobile. Contact us for a free consultation.